4/12/24 Kylie Update

Update on Kylie from her mom: Kylie Brooke turned 5 months old yesterday.  She has been in the ICU for 154 days. Kylie has been showing off the past couple days. She has impressed and shocked her doctors! Her FIO2 requirements have dropped to 40-45.With her disease...

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4/9/24 Kylie Update

Update on Kylie from her mom: We were told that the oldest baby that TCH has had live with this disease was 5 months old (he was transplanted at 5 months old). Kylie will be 5 months old tomorrow. She is still at the top of the transplant list and we are accepting all...

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4/8 Update on Kylie

Update on Kylie: Kylie did have surgery still on Wednesday to place the GJ tube. She handled it very well Since Wednesday night, Kylie’s heart rate has been spiking to the 220s, which is the highest I have ever seen it. Her blood pressure is high. Also, Kylie’s...

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4/1/24 Update on Kylie

Kylie’s First Easter I hope everyone had an amazing Easter I am so grateful that Jesus died on the cross for my sins This weekend was amazing for my family. My oldest daughter (McKenzie) is here with us this week (it’s her spring break) My whole family flew in to be...

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3/29 Kylie Brooke Update

Update on Kylie: Kylie is not enjoying her decrease of pain medication from yesterday. She has been suffering from withdrawal today. Yesterday she was so happy, she was smiling during therapy and moving her mouth like she was trying to talk to momma. I can’t wait till...

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Update on Kylie (3/25/24)

Update from Kylie's Mother "After taking the past 48 hours to cry, pray, cuddle Kylie, talk with Kylie’s doctors and cry and pray some more, her dad and I have decided to accept offers from all donors. 🫁 The scary part is they have never performed a lung...

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Meet Kylie Brooke!

Note: This is the frst of several posts on Kylie. I realized that I had missed coping these over from FaceBook. My apologies! Meet Kylie Brooke! Kylie was born Nov. 10th with surfactant B deficiency. The easiest way to explain her disease is that her lungs don’t make...

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Great Information for All!

I saw this information on Facebook and wanted to share it with all of you! This information will go miles to reducing stress in the loss of a loved one: IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, put a beneficiary on all of your financial accounts like checking savings CDs, Life...

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Meet Kylie Brooke!

Kylie was born Nov. 10th with surfactant B deficiency. The easiest way to explain her disease is that her lungs don’t make the substance to keep them from fully deflating after every breath. There is no treatment or cure for this disease. The only option is a lung...

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Update on Josh Lowe

From Tia (Josh's wife): "Joshua Lowe is out of surgery everything went exactly like it was supposed to . He’s in recovery right now and I’ll be able to see him in about an hour . Thank you all so much for all the love support and prayers ." Thank you all for your...

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Meet Lonnie and Donna of Spring Creek Ministries

Lonnie and Donna Hamil

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