Update on Monte (04/24/19)

From Susan West: Monte was released from the hospital on Saturday night right before Easter!! Praise the Lord! He is feeling much better!! He will need to take insulin to keep his blood sugar under control while he is on steroids. But, the chemo is helping and he has...

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Update on Jane McCartor (4/6/19)

Jane has had a really rough go of things lately. Last weekend she took a pretty hard fall which resulted in a concussion and a broken hand. She was taken to the hospital for observation. Since being admitted, her blood sugar has gone dangerously low causing kidney...

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Update on Monte (3-21-19)

Yesterday I was blessed to spend a couple of hours with Monte and Becky Holmes. Things are going well and they seemed to be in good sorts. The doctor wants Monte to put on some weight before the transplant so Becky and Terri (Monte’s sister) are keeping lots of food...

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Update on Tiffany Fulbright (3-27-19)

I was able to visit Tiffany and her family at UT Southwestern hospital on Monday. They were going to start waking her up to see the level of brain function later that day. When they started the process her CO2 levels went up again so they have decided leave her...

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Meet Billy and Dixie Williams

I was blessed to be able to visit with Billy and Dixie McWilliams this morning. Dixie had surgery to remove a tumor from her pancreas on Friday in Dallas. Dixie was sitting up and looking good. She will be having chemo and radiation when they get back to Lubbock. ...

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Update on Tiffany Fulbright (3-24-19)

We received another update from Kassie:  "There isn't much to update. They did the brain MRI last night and no change. They will do another one tomorrow evening. They will start trying to wake her up Monday or Tuesday and when she's awake put her on an Echmo machine....

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