Update on Ty Robertson

This was from Judy Johnson. We posted on Ty some time ago. Hi Lonnie .. just to let you know that Ty Robertson has another heart complication and is in Dallas to see a Surgeon there in the morning... very complicated operation and so was sent to Dallas.  Please keep...

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Heart Thoughts about Danny Wren

My sweet, dear friend, Danny Wren, made his final journey last night around 10:15. This morning we sang a song that fit the situation perfectly.  There's a stirring deep within meCould it be my time has come?When I'll see my gracious saviorFace to face when all is...

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Update on Danny Wren (12-31-19)

I spoke with Lindsey awhile ago and she told me that Danny had been awake more today. He had been able to take a few short visits between naps. Please remember Danny and his family as he has chosen to be home and in hospice care. Thank you, Lonnie

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Update on Garland Miller (12-31-19)

Garland had surgery today at 1. The port in his arm was clogged and the doctor was going to try to fix it. They had to put a tube in his chest to do dialysis. Surgery lasted a few hours. The surgeon had to do a lot more work than expected because his old fistula and...

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