Latest on Jennifer Esparza

I was able to go to San Angelo and spend a bit of time with Jennifer and her aunt, Irene LeMarr. Actually, Irene is more like a mother to Jen. Since my last report, There has been an MRI and EEG ran. There was more brain activity than they first thought, but, the...

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Update on Jennifer Esparza

From Irene LeMarr, "I just talked to the ICU nurse. The doctor said it is an electrical problem in her heart. It is only beating at 20%. They chilled her yesterday and put her in a coma. Tonight they are warming her back up. It is now wait and see.....and...

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Prayers for Jennifer Please!

From my dear friend and sister in Christ, Irene LeMarr: "My niece/almost daughter, Jennifer Harrison, and her two daughters (our Grandgirls) need your prayers. The girls found Jen unresponsive yesterday afternoon. 911 was called, ambulance came, and they rushed her to...

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General Ministry Update

Hello Ministry Partners, Updates on the website have been few and far between. I can’t seem to remember to ask folks if it’s ok to post about them publicly. I will try to do better in that area. I recently took a sabbatical from the ministry work and had a time of...

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Update on Ashley Rogers

Ashley lives in League City, TX and has been on our prayer list before. She is a chronic pain warrior and deals with crushing migraines most of the time. I had the opportunity to finally meet this sweet young lady in person yesterday. We were able to visit for a...

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Update on Willow McPherson

They were finally able to do Willow's second surgery today. This is what her mom shared: "Our baby is silo free. She will be on a higher dose of morphine tonight, & increased ventilator settings to make sure she gets plenty of recovery time. They essentially went...

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Prayers for New Born, Willow McPherson

This precious baby girl was born yesterday morning and her intestines were outside her body.  They stabilized and air lifted her to Cook's Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth this morning. The first surgery went well and the second will be tomorrow. Her...

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