9/3 Update on Henry

Henry's dad: We're in the apartment. Had a rough weekend. He was really tired Saturday and yesterday his head started hurting pretty badly. He had labs due and they sent him to the clinic where he received platelets and fluids which helped. Bone marrow biopsy tomorrow...

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9/3 Update on Jeannette

Hopefully this update will straighten out some mistakes posted earlier! Mom had a CT Scan a few days ago. She has a compression fracture in her spine. It is causing extreme pain for her. My sister, Janelle, has stayed in Lubbock to care for mom and allowed me to get...

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8/30 Update – Joe Conn

8/30 Update - Joe Conn I was able to visit with Joe’s daughter, Bethany this evening. Joe has been released from the hospital back into therapy care. His color is better and he was actually popping off some jokes! On a more serious note, Joe desperately needs to have...

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8/31 Update on Jeannette Hamil

After receiving a relatively clean bill of health from the doctors, Jeannette is back in the ER. This time it's only for the pain. Her blood pressure seems to be stable and in good condition. She will be getting an MRI and hopefully something to help manage the pain...

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8/28 Update – Joe Conn

Update on Joe Conn from his daughter, Bethany: “Dad is being transferred back to the hospital. His hemoglobin is really low & he needs a transfusion asap. He also has a UTI. “ Let continue to pray for Joe!

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8/28 Update on Jeannette Hamil

GREAT NEWS!!! The hospital has determined that Jeannette (mom), or Memaw as many of you know her, probably strained, or sprained, her chest and shoulder when trying to get up from a low couch. The pain is what caused all of the symptoms, high blood pressure, shortness...

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8/26 Update on Jasper

Jasper's wish has been granted! In the midst of his own battle with osteosarcoma, Jasper selflessly used his Make-A-Wish to brighten the lives of others. He chose to gift iPads to kids who are going through a similar experience as him. Jasper’s iPad has helped him...

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Meet Billy McWilliams!

We have prayed for Billy in the past. He is requesting prayers again! From Billy: “I am asking all my family and FB friends to keep me in your prayers. About a month ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I will have an ultra sound tomorrow and September 26 I will have a...

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Prayers for Jeannette Hamil (8-27-23)

Jeannette was taken to the hospital this morning for extremely high blood pressure and back pain. They took an EKG and that looked good, so they are ruling out the major issues first. They believe the back pain may be a strain from trying to get up from the couch. The...

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8/21 Update – Henry

Update on Henry from his dad, Lee: “Hen had an ok night, but now the rash is wreaking havoc. Ulcers in his mouth and throat are causing severe pain and the rash has spread to areas no one should have a rash and it is excruciating. Pain meds aren’t helping much and...

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