Update on Hendrix Ha (4-18-22)

The very reason our Prayer Warriors are so needed and appreciated! God bless you all! Thank you! Lonnie  From Tori Ha: "Hendrix is three months old! We have been smiling and talking, tootin’ and poopin (now that our tummy is in the right place this is a big deal lol)...

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Meet Randy McVey (4-13-22)

From Brittney McVey Hogan: “Well. Today is the day. The day our daddy gets his tumor removed. Please pray for my daddy, his surgeons to have steady hands... and make him whole again. Also pray for my mom and sisters as we sit and wait.  “ Please be praying for my dear...

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Meet Andy Anderson (4-13-22)

Meet Andy Anderson! Andy has fought a brain cancer for some time. He is in the final stages of his battle and we need to be praying for him, Nicky, his sweet wife, and the family!  Andy has been blessed with little to no pain but spends all his time resting in bed...

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Updates on Hendrix Ha (4-14-22)

I apologize for the delay on getting these updates out. There have been some technical issues on our site, which have been rectified. Instead of doing several posts, we've included the last several updates on Hendrix in this singular post. -Ross4-5 Update “He is still...

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Meet Hendrix Ha

This from his dad, Freedom: “Our little Hendrix had a bit of a wild past 24 hours. He was very fussy last night and we could not get him to calm down. He started to have trouble breathing so we took him to the the Emergency Room where he was found to have his stomach...

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Prayers for Robert Esquivel

Prayer Warriors, Please add Robert (Bobby) Esquivel to you prayers! Bobby is in kidney failure and also has a bad heart.  My dear friend and cousin-in-law, Steven Esquivel, is on the road headed to be with his brother and family. The doctor is trying to keep Bobby...

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Update on Anonymous (1-22-22)

Update on Anonymous: “Lonnie, apologies in advance for texting so late in the evening, but wanted to bring you up to date:  Anonymous was discharged from MCH-Dallas late yesterday morning.  I have driven her back home and prayerfully remain confident in her very slow...

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Anonymous Update (1-13-22)

Anonymous: The son and daughter-in-law both tested negative for Covid.  Just spoke with the primary care physician. My wife is stable and fairly comfortable at this point.  Her lungs are showing a bit of spottiness, but confident that anti-biotic started today will...

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Update on Anonymous (1-13-22)

Update on anonymous: "Lonnie, we seem to be taking on water again, just as I’d hoped the bilge pumps were catching up. My son is headed back home as I write, with his wife symptomatic.  She obtained a self-test kit from a local friend and I do not yet know her...

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