5/29 Update for Victoria Burns

Victoria's mom attended a meeting with chief neurologist at Charitie yesterday. Victoria is having a minor surgery on Tuesday to move her feeding tube. Also will have a cat scan to determine if her pneumothorax is corrected. If not, would preclude from flying for time...

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5/5 Update on Victoria

Victoria was moved from emergency intensive care to another room of intensive care yesterday. She is receiving the last couple of blood infusions over the next couple of days. She has been intubated for over ten days now and doctors recommend removal at that time. ...

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4/28 Update on Victoria

Update on Victoria from her mom, Diane: “Thank you to our family and friends who are praying and sending good thoughts for Victoria.  She remains in ICU in serious condition. She has many conditions that the team of doctors are addressing. Victoria is able to open her...

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Meet Victoria Burns (4/24)

Please pray for 21 year old, Victoria, who is extremely critical.  She is hospitalized in Berlin Germany in the highest level of ICU.  Started off as an intestinal blockage, Covid and now pneumonia, heart and breathing stopped, resuscitated, intubated, induced coma...

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5/24 Test Results for Jerry!

This from Trish Tharp about Jerry: So hard to find the right words to say…. Other than THANK YOU FATHER GOD JEHOVAH RAPHA AND ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE PRAYED FOR MY JERRY!! Today at MD Anderson we met with the dr about yesterdays scan to find out EVERYTHING, I MEAN...

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5/23 Jerry Tharp Update

Update on Jerry Tharp: Jerry is in Houston having CT Scan and labs today. Please be praying for GOOD RESULTS ! He, and Trish, meet the Dr tomorrow to hear the results. Their specific prayer request is that this horrible chemo has shrunk or killed this cancer ! Thank...

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May 25 Update on Granger Salewsky

I texted with Carlee about baby Granger yesterday. He is in IMCU and off oxygen. They are working on eating now, once he has eaten 65ml 8x daily, he can leave. He has trouble taking a full bottle without stressing his respiratory system. His team said it will just...

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May 18 Update on Granger

Granger update: This little dude is OFF oxygen and breathing on his own! Granger is still having periodic destats as he gets accustomed to breathing without the help of medical equipment. As long as he is staying consistent, we will not have to revisit the use of...

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5/16 Granger Update

 From mom last night: Granger update: Yesterday his feeding tube was moved from his mouth to his nose so we could begin bottle feeding. Today, his RT was able to knock his LPM down to a 2 and he has been doing decent with 21% O2- a few destats in the high 80s, but...

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5/14 update on Granger

From Carlee about Granger: Thank you! “He is stable, we are going to try to drop the level on his oxygen machine as long as he stays under 30% oxygen usage. Baby steps! I appreciate all of the prayers. We sure need them! “ Look at his sweet smile! Please continue...

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