7/10 Update on Kylie

Hurricane Beryl was not kind to us (or anyone in Houston area). We have been doing our best to keep everyone cool and happy. We are very thankful to all be safe and healthy. We still do not have power and we are in a heat advisory (105 degrees) The power company has...

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7/10 Update on Linda Morse

From Derek, Linda Morse’s son: “She’s doing good. I went to big lake to see her today. She is slowly getting around on her own. They think they will keep her about 2 weeks. Not the 6-8 as originally thought. So that has to be a good sign. She also seemed a lot more...

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7/10 Brynn Burk Updated

From Tiffany Burk about Brynn:“Well, things had to happen today. Guess it's that time in our journey. I have dreaded it since we found out she had a brain tumor. I have prayed and come to grips with it and was able to have several conversations with her about it. This...

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It is with a broken heart that I share this post for prayers! TJ & Sarah Worley both served on the board at Spring Creek Ministries up until the end of last year. They are wonderful people and cherished friends! Sarah wrote this post on Facebook several hours ago:...

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7/3 Update on Kylie

Update on Kylie: Kylie is doing SO much better today!! She is so happy We were able to start her back on feeds today. Her sodium chloride is still trending down! If it continues to do so over night then she may be discharged tomorrow afternoon! Look, at my big girl...

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7/3 Linda Update

From Derek about Linda Morse: “Mom is doing better. She walked quite a bit today. She is more active and responsive. She’s still not a sprinter but she did good. Still trying to work up an appetite. Her spirits were way up too. Definitely made a lot of progress the...

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7/2 update on Kylie

Update on Kylie: It has been an emotional 48 hours. The most concerning discovery is that Kylie’s sodium chloride is dangerously high. We are desperately trying to get it back within normal range. The tricky part about doing that is if your sodium chloride increases...

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7/2 Linda Update

I just left the hospital from visiting Linda Morse. She is still in ICU. Also just received this text from Derek: “Still hanging in and fighting. Bp is a lil better and she got herself out of the recliner for her walk. Still has a poor appetite. Looks better than...

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7/1 Linda Update

Heard from Derek, twice, earlier today: “It didn’t quite work. Has a regular heart beat for a while then back to irregular. Added some meds to see if it helps.” “She’s just going to have an irregular heartbeat and will have to watch her activities.” Thank you for...

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