Update on Josh Fowler (5-23)

We just saw this update from Josh's wife, Natalie. "Josh was taken off the ventilator this morning and is doing really well so far!!! We’re so blessed to have such wonderful medical professionals taking care of him and to have such awesome support from all of you...

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Update on Josh Fowler (5-21-20)

This update was posted about Josh "Update for everyone. Josh is in surgery this morning to flush his legs (to guard against infection) and to fix his arm, shoulder and pelvis. His shoulder will only require a pin for a small fracture, and his pelvis will be pinned...

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Prayers for Josh Fowler

Prayer warriors, We received word that Joshua Fowler, a friend of our sons, was in a severe car accident this morning. He is currently in ICU and he, and his family, can use all of the prayers we can send up. Also, below is a link to a GoFundMe page to help them...

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Jeannette Hamil is home from the Hospital!!!

Mom came home Saturday afternoon! She is weak but doing her exercises. Transfers from the wheel chair to anything is a big challenge. Also, she has a hard time remembering not to put weight on the leg. We are asking specifically for prayers of healing so she can begin...

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Greg Anderson has made his final journey

I just received a text from Lane Anderson. His brother, Greg, had a peaceful passing just a bit ago. The family so appreciates your prayers and gives those prayers credit for the peaceful journey. God is good! Thank you again for your petitions to our Father!  Because...

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Update on Greg Anderson (4-6-20)

I just got off the phone with Lane (Greg’s brother) and Maxine (Greg’s mother). Greg continues to decline and the family is hurting for him, especially his mother. Greg is a Christian so we are anxious for him to be through with the pain but also mindful of the family...

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Update on Jeannette Hamil (05-02)

Jeannette was moved to Trust Point Therapy Hospital today! The first diagnosis of 8 to 10 weeks has been lowered to 2 to 3 weeks because she is doing so well! We give God the glory for answered prayers! Thank you for your petitions to Him!!! Please pray for her...

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Jeannette is out of surgery (4-29am)

Jeannette Hamil (Memaw) is out of surgery! 6 screws and a 5” plate should hold everything together! The surgeon was very pleased with how well she did!  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for every prayer!  God bless you all! Lonnie

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