Update on Barrett Hooten (6-14-19)

I wasn’t able to see Barrett when I was at the hospital on Wednesday. He was having some nausea and didn’t feel like company. They are trying to get him on solid food and off of the feeding tube. All in all he is doing well, he just has a long road to recovery. Please...

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Update on Monte Holmes (6-14-19)

Had a wonderful visit with Monte last Wednesday evening. The diabetes is under control and the have stopped insulin injections. He has finished his chemo and the should move forward with the bone marrow transplant before the summer is over. Please continue prayers for...

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Update on Tiffany Fulbright (6-14-19)

I was blessed to visit with Tiffany and her dad, Charles last Wednesday. Tiff still has the trac in but is breathing completely on her own. She is doing therapy every day and will be transferred to a therapy hospital very soon. They are planning on a place in Ft Worth...

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Update on Mark and Jane Knox (6-12-19)

Last night, I left Baylor All Saints Hospital in Ft Worth. They continue to turn off more infusion pumps on Jane and her kidneys are working better, but she is still on the ventilator and medically induced coma. They are waking her very slowly. She is gaining her...

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Prayers for Jane Knox (6-10-19)

Jane Knox is at Baylor All Saints Hospital in Fort Worth. She had a rupture in her aorta and was air lifted last Friday. The surgery went well and the surgeon said that he was cautiously optimistic. Mark, her husband, said that he was just as optimistic. They have no...

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Update on Danny Wren (6-10-19)

Danny Wren is at Covenant hospital. He has peritonitis, which is a type of infection related to his dialysis. He also had a toe amputated because of extenuating circumstances. Please be praying for Danny, as well as the Wren family, for healing, and for those caring...

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Prayers for Thelma Brown

This is Thelma Brown. She is 72 years old and they removed life support today. Thelma was put in the hospital for a broken leg about a month ago. I am not sure of all the details, but, this family and friends need our prayers and Thelma needs prayers for God’s mercy.

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Update on Barrett (6-3-19)

From Heidi Hooten: 39 days in ICU. 23 days after transplants. He stood up for 30 seconds twice! No pain, no slouching over, nice and straight ❤️ AND he got moved to a regular room!! Hallelujah 💚💚

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For my birthday

I have already received many happy birthdays this morning and thank you! I have a special request of each of you. To honor me for my birthday would you please take a moment and say a special prayer for the following people: Danny Wren - for his health to allow a much...

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