Update on Jasper (3-12-21)

From Jody "Good morning friends. Thank you once again for your ongoing care and prayers for Jasper and the rest of our family. We’ve been home for the last two weeks. Many have reached out and asked for updates. We have written very little because we were enjoying...

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Update on Corey Zundt (2-16-21)

From Robbie: "The hospital made an exception last night & allowed all the kids to visit at the same time. Corey was responsive. He made facial expressions, squeezed hands.  The occupational therapist got him to hold up his left arm & put it behind his head. He...

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Meet Corey Zundt

Corey had a massive stroke on Friday. He is from Odessa and married to my cousin Robbie. They will be doing an MRI tomorrow to see how much damage was done! Please pray for Corey, Robbie, and all the family!  Thanks, Lonnie

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Update On Jasper (2-10-21)

We received word that Jasper is now headed home. Praise God! From Jody, last night: Thank you again, friends and family. It is Tuesday evening, exactly one week from Jasper’s surgery. I’m sorry I’ve not written much but it has definitely been a busy and trying 7 days....

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Update on Jasper (2-2-21)

"We cannot thank you enough for your prayers today. Jasper is resting. The tumor is out. We have been blessed. Thank you for being a part of that blessing. God is faithful and he heard and answered our prayers. We have a long road ahead but we trust the Lord. We will...

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Prayers for Jasper (2-2-21)

"For those with a mind to pray and a heart that loves Jesus, please lift up our youngest son Jasper tomorrow morning as he undergoes surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Many already know and are praying. I figured some of our friends might not yet know.  Thank you...

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Meet Casey Hugman

Casey Hugman lives in San Marcos. She is a 36 year old lady that was diagnosed with cancer in her esophagus and lungs last week.  She just got accepted to MD Anderson’s which is a blessing!  Please join me in lifting Casey, and her family, up in prayer! ...

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Update on Jasper (1-28-21)

"Good morning our dear and faithful friends, If your wondering why I don’t write very often it’s because I try not to update too much when there aren’t many changes. The prayer requests are often the same and that is our biggest need. We enjoy the replies. To know you...

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