Meet Oaklyn

A post from Oaklyn's mother on the little one's behalf: D A Y  T E N.  “10 days is all it took for my parents to fall unconditionally in love with me (really, it only took a single second). In 10 days, I totally changed their lives, and they’ve never stopped rooting...

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Meet Vince Hawthorne

Trent Hawthorne asked me to post about his, dad, Vince! Please storm the heavens for this very special family!  Lonnie “We need prayer warriors! My Dad, Vince has been in Covenant Hospital since Tuesday night with COVID Pneumonia. Friday night he spiked a fever again,...

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Reflecting on Christopher (5-24-21)

This young man has nearly lost his life in a horrible rollover accident. After 4 months of hospital and therapy this video was taken! One more reason we do what we do. Thanks to all whose generosity makes this and other stories possible!!! Lonnie  

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Dean Lanier (5-14-21)

From Jon, her son: Friends and Family of Dean Lanier....Virgie Dean Lanier passed away into the arms of her Sweet Savior Jesus May 14, 2021 at 12:50 pm with her loving Husband O.G., her Son Joel Lanier and wife Kem and her Son Jon Lanier, her fabulous Caregivers...

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Update on Jasper (5-14-21)

From Jody O’Briant: Good afternoon friends and family. The Lord  has blessed us over this last little break but there have definitely been some trying things as well. Thank you for praying and walking with us. As many already know Jasper has a non displaced fracture...

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Update from Jon Lanier (5-7-21)

"Well mom is doing better...they were able to take her off sedation as of yesterday afternoon...They are waiting for her to wake up enough to respond to the Doctor or nurses commands so they can do some breathing tests...if all goes well they will be able to take the...

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Update on Doug Roberts (5-5-21)

"Doug and Lyn returned to Houston this week to meet with the oncologist to review options for treatment since the clinical trial was stopped last week.  The oncologist recommeneded two FDA approved targeted therapy drugs that he will begin in a few weeks.  These drugs...

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Update on Dean Lanier (5-5-21)

From Jon "Well mom has had a couple of setbacks but she is hanging in there...They haven’t been able to remove her Breathing Tube yet because of fluid build up...they are working to get that off of her as we speak...On the bright side her vitals still look pretty good...

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Update from Jon Lanier (5-2-21)

Update on my Mom, she is doing pretty well.... Her doctor and the surgeons say that her hiatal hernia is not at an emergency stage for surgery at this time... She is recovering from her Pneumonia all her vitals are doing well... They are going to wean her off of the...

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