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I wasn’t going to update today because I feel so bad for spamming y’all’s newsfeeds everyday and don’t want to annoy anyone.
I just had to share. 🩷
Also, she has NO CHEST TUBES! 🩷
They are going to change her vent settings so that she does all the breathing on her own! The vent will only assist her if she needs any help! 🩷
If she handles this well then maybe by Monday the trach will be gone! 🩷🙌🏼
Up until yesterday Kylie would “ride the vent” while she was in a deep sleep. She has never had to breathe on her own so she is slowly learning but now she is breathing over the vent even in a deep sleep! (Video attached)🩷
I have been crying all morning. I am so proud of her and so thankful. 🩷
I can’t stop thinking about how at her second hospital, the pulmonologist sat us down and told us that Kylie was just too sick. That she would never survive the transfer to Texas and would definitely not survive a transplant and she had very little chance of even getting listed. Our only option would be hospice.
I feel so unworthy of Gods love and mercy. He has truly blessed us and gave us amazing medical teams.
God is so good🩷
Please continue to pray for Kylie and the donor family. 🙏🏼
Any mail for Kylie can be sent to:
Ashley Overfield
2429 Bissonnet ST
Box 117
Houston, TX 77005
Venmo: @Ashley-HaasOverfield
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