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Kylie is out of surgery. It ended late last night.

There was a small problem while she was intubated through her mouth, the place where her trach was had stretched and air was escaping. So they decided to put her trach back in and that helped.

When the lungs are without air for awhile it can cause some swelling, we are watching very very closely.

There was some fluid found in the left lung, which could point to infection. 💔

The next 72 hours are EXTREMELY crucial.

Please pray for Kylie 🙏🏼

Also, please pray for the donor family. They are so heavy on my heart. I’m so heartbroken for them and so grateful for their selflessness 🙏🏼

Thank you all so much for the prayers, comments, messages and support you have shown my family. I apologize I’m very behind on responding to messages, but please know that y’all’s support means the world to me. God bless yall 🩷

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