Update on Doug Roberts (1-21-21)

From Lyn: Doug will begin Cycle 6 of the clinical trial treatment for kidney cancer this afternoon. Overall, he’s feeling well, has a good appetite, and is handling the side effects like a champion!  Doug will have another CT scan in February. The scan performed in...

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Update on Jasper (1-19-21)

From Jasper's father: "We want to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone as we continue this journey with Jasper. God has been so gracious to us over the last couple of weeks. Thank you for being a part of His Grace as you have prayed and asked about us. Jasper is...

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Update on Jasper (1-1-21)

From Jody "Quick update: Thank you for your continued prayers. Last time Jasper took this chemo treatment he was in the hospital for five days. This time we were blessed to get out after three days. We got home last night. Please continue to pray that the nausea is...

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2020 In the Rearview Mirror

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash 2020 has been a crazy year! We hit an all time financial low and an all time financial high in the ministry! We still ministered in person as much as possible but also did lots of social media and phone calling ministry! Our goals...

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Update on Jasper (12-29-20)

From Jodi "Good morning friends, Our last fourteen plus days have been filled with many highs and lows. Thank you for keeping us constantly lifted up to the King. Jasper was in the hospital for two solid weeks waiting on numbers to be just right to go home. I, Jody,...

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Update on Jasper (12-9-20)

From Jody: Good morning brothers and sisters. What a continuous blessing you are to us. Jasper is beginning another dose of chemotherapy this morning. They tell us this medicine is not as harsh. We are expecting to stay in the hospital until at least Saturday in order...

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Prayers for the Horton Family

I am in shock and saddened deeply to share that Caden Horton was killed in a car accident  yesterday. I only knew Caden as a young boy at Pine Springs camp, but have been friends with his dad, Craig, for many years. This family has reached out to help so many others...

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Passing of Glenda Roberts (12-3-20)

I received a text shortly after 4 pm yesterday. A long time friend and very special lady made her final journey home. Glenda Roberts had been fighting Covid and pneumonia for a while.  Glenda was a dedicated Christian lady that always encouraged me. She loved her...

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Update on Jasper (12-01-20)

Received this message from Jody, today: "Once again friends we want to thank you for your ongoing prayers and care for us. During this last week of rest after chemo we have noticed Jasper’s arm swelling. The swelling had been pretty significant and after talking to...

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Update on Jasper (11-26-20)

From Jody: "So thankful for how you have loved on us these past few weeks. This week has been nice and restful. Jasper had a blood count test on Tuesday. We were grateful his levels were not low enough for a transfusion. He has another week of recovery before his next...

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