Update on Daniel (7-31-21)

From Ember: "BUT GOD! My boy is off the paralytic, numbers are weaned even more and he will not let go of my finger!!!!!! Prayers today are: • peace over him as he’s “awake” and not understanding. • weaning to continue and him to tolerate it better than the doctors...

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Update on Daniel (7-30-21)

"Daniel Update.. 7/30/21… 5:15 pm When I got to the hospital at noon, I noticed his room was quiet. Very quiet. The doctor spotted me right as I walked in and followed me in to his room to tell me the best news I could have ever heard today and was not expecting at...

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Update on Daniel (7-28-21)

Daniel's mother, Ember, just put out this update: "Update on my handsome:He had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday!!!!!! Making improvements, slowly but surely! He was also having a great morning this morning. However, this mama realized being by his side and...

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Meet Daniel

This is Daniel. Daniel is the 3-year-old son of Jake and Ember Rydell. Daniel recently had RSV and is currently sedated and trying to get his oxygen levels back up at Covenant in Lubbock. The doctors think they've got Daniel on the path to mending, but he, his...

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Update on Jasper (7-11-21)

From Jody O'Briant: “So….. for the first time in 8 months we have unpacked suitcases. We have no more scheduled admissions to the hospital. This is huge for Jasper and for us as a family! Praise Jesus! Jesus is King!” Let’s keep the prayers going up! Lonnie

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Prayers for Kay Lacey

A few months ago, we asked for prayers for Herb Lacey for some tests he was undergoing. Now, we're asking prayers for his wife, Kay.  Although we don't have all of the details, we know she and her son, Ken, were in a small car accident. Ken said he was okay, but Kay...

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Final Post for baby Oaklyn

From Tara Maines: D A Y  T W E N T Y-O N E.  Our little girl’s final update.  “On 6/28/21, Ms. Oaklyn Ford showed us a different kind of strength. She fought and fought and fought for us, for everyone, but her body finally told us she couldn’t do it anymore. Twice she...

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Update on Oaklyn (6-26-21)

From Tara Maines, Oaklyn’s mom: D A Y  E I G H T E E N.  Hey everyone, lil thang Oaklyn Ford here. To jump right in it, I’m hangin in there! This past week has been so very overwhelming, and I’ve mastered the art of steps back and steps forward to the T. It’s given my...

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Update on Doug Roberts (6-24-21)

Doug and Lyn returned to Houston this week.  There's not much news coming out of it, but we wanted to update everyone since it's been a number of weeks.  Doug saw his oncologist at MD Anderson and the doctor was pleased with the results of his bloodwork.  He was also...

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Meet Oaklyn

A post from Oaklyn's mother on the little one's behalf: D A Y  T E N.  “10 days is all it took for my parents to fall unconditionally in love with me (really, it only took a single second). In 10 days, I totally changed their lives, and they’ve never stopped rooting...

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