Update on David Watkins

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David Watkins

My apologies for not updating sooner! I was able to spend most of a day with Dave in Houston at MD Anderson Hospital. After scans were ran it was determined that Dave has a tumor at the base of the tongue and throat. This tumor is a fast growing type and has made it difficult for him to swallow and talk. There are a couple of major of challenges they are dealing with. The first one is that the tumor is fast growing, second, radiation and surgery are not viable options, so, chemo is the only option. David has also being having adverse reactions to the pain meds. After 2 weeks of hospital stays and emergency room visits, in Houston, David and Laura were supposed to fly home yesterday. Last, but not least, this tumor is closing the airway and needs to be shrunk as quickly as possible. Please continue prayers for the Watkins as they deal with Dave’s cancer!

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