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From Alyssa, Savana’s mom:

Sorry for the long wait, but a lot has been going on and it’s so much to take in. 
We finally spoke with the surgeon just after 8pm, meaning the transplant lasted around 8 & a half hours although she was away from us for 11 & a half hours and we were just able to see her a little while ago in the ICU. 
There were some difficulties getting her liver out because of excessive scar tissue (from her Kasai procedure when she was 2 months old) connecting to other areas of her abdomen, such as the bowels and abdominal wall. There wasn’t enough intestine in the right spot to connect to the liver (they prefer 40cm and she had 10cm), so they spent additional time reworking that connection. There were also thin areas/holes in the intestines after having to carve out scar tissue. Because of this, they were not able to connect the bile duct today and instead put in a drainage tube for now. They did connect the vena cava artery to the heart, but it was a bit small for her, so she is on multiple blood thinners at this time to prevent clots. They will be going back in probably Tuesday to check on everything, connect the bile duct, and close her up completely. She currently has a wound vac, some drainage tubes, central line, a couple IVs, catheter, etc. She is also still on a ventilator, and will definitely be on it through the night and possibly until the end of the second surgery. Overall the doctor was pretty happy with how things went. 
I stepped out to grab our bag and eat a snack and Matthew just called to let me know they are having a little trouble getting her blood pressure where they want it so they are changing up/adjusting some meds.

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