IMG_1896I pray that your Thanksgiving Holiday was as wonderful as ours! For our first holiday living in Lubbock, it was a great success! All of our boys were able to be there, along with their wives, and children. My mother, Jeannette Hamil, joined us also!


Things have been pretty steady in the ministry. God is blessing us with more and more folks to work with. He is also opening doors to make us better known in the South Plains. We recently participated in a press conference for “Giving Tuesday” and my interview made the 6:00 PM news on KLBK. We are also down to the “nitty gritty” of writing bylaws for making Spring Creek it’s own 501 (c)(3) non-profit. I will be relieved when this process is over!

If you follow us on Facebook you will already know the folks we have been working with, but this is the latest news we have:

trentTrent & Lauren Hawthorne, a young married couple, was in a vehicle accident on their way to Lubbock for the holidays. We are deeply saddened to announce that Lauren passed away from internal injuries. Trent is in Covenant Hospital ICU with multiple fractures and lacerations. He is still in critical condition and will have to have multiple surgeries down the road.

Jace1Baby Jace Gonzalez passed away only an hour after birth. He had a condition called Trisomy 13, which in a chromosome disorder. He spent most of his precious time in the arms of his mother with dad and both brothers also there for him.


Zadee LopezZadee Gonzales is a 3 year old that has a neuroblastoma (brain tumor). She is still at Cooks Children’s Hospital in Ft Worth. Just a short time ago she was having a small procedure and crashed. She was resuscitated after 15 very intense minutes and her dad was told that her heart would not stand much more. Many of you joined in prayer with hundreds of others and I am happy to say that Zadee is now completely off of life support and recovering quickly. Her coming home was postponed by a blood pressure complication but she is cheerful and still improving.


Easton LopezEaston Lopez is a 3 year old that fell out of his crib over a month ago. He was non-responsive by the time paramedics arrived. We met his family just a day after the accident and have been working closely with them. He still remains in Covenant Pediatric ICU. He contracted pneumonia but has since recovered from that. The doctors are still calling him non-responsive but he has started to move his legs and arms a bit. He also gurgled a couple of time and has tried to open one eye! On Thanksgiving day Mom, Jacob, Reed, Julie, Donna & I went up to see Easton. We sang a couple of songs for the family then went into Easton’s room and sung “Jesus Loves Me” to him. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Later we found out that we had sung his favorite song!

David & LindseyLindsey Iten, diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, is down to her last chemo treatment!




Please remember all of these in your prayers!

We are asked, often, “How do I make a difference when someone is losing a loved one or has just lost a loved one?”

I think this picture answers that very well!for next report


Blessings and grace to each of you and thank you for your continued prayers and support!


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