Dear Friends & Supporters,

June was a month of highs and lows! After a year and a half of saving money and preparation – the Hamil family went on the vacation of a lifetime! My precious wife, Donna, took on extra jobs and put away every extra penny she could so we would be able to take this trip. Ross, Haley, Terri (8)and Jonathan (1), Reed & Julie and Jacob were able to join us for at least part of the trip. We left Odessa and headed to Lubbock to pick up Ross and his family and Jacob. From there we headed to Pettit Jean State Park, in Arkansas, for Donna’s family reunion. What a blessing it was to see all of the family. Next we headed to Nashville where we met up with Reed & Julie. We had to take the expedition and my truck to be able to haul all of the family and luggage. It reminded me of the Beverly Hillbillies every time we loaded or unloaded the vehicles. From Nashville we made our way to Williamsburg, VA. After the sights and sounds of Historical Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and the Richmond beach, we packed again and made our way to Washington, DC. After Williamsburg, Reed & Jacob had to fly home to get back to their jobs.  It was hard, but we managed without them. From Washington, we headed South and West to New Orleans.  After a great meal of fresh Cajun seafood we walked the streets of New Orleans until we found the Horse and Buggies. We took a tour of the old town and enjoyed the rich history shared by the buggy driver. From there we headed back to the great state of Texas! All in all we traveled 4700 miles over the two weeks.  The greatest blessing for me, besides being with our family, was, my back didn’t give me any trouble at all. Praise God for Dr. Wallace and my prolotherapy injections – they passed the test!

On June the 5th a dear friend and brother, Wayne Duzan, passed away. Wayne had struggled with heart problems for some time. Wayne was a long time member of Sherwood Church of Christ and was in charge of education for my whole time there as a minister. Over the years he would come in and visit with me about my ministry and things going on in the church. There was no doubt that Wayne had a deep love for the church and was a dedicated Christian man. He left a great legacy behind. He will be greatly missed! Please continue prayers for Velda and the family.

On June 12 James and Londa Medlin were in a head on collision. The wreck claimed James’ life and Londa was flown to Lubbock for trauma care.  James worked for our family business for more years than I can remember. He was a hard worker and had a memory like an elephant. If he had ever built a bearing, he could probably give you all of the dimensions off the top of his head. He was a great machinist and even after arthritis ravaged his hands he could still out machine most folks in the shop! James loved Sherwood Church of Christ and he loved giving hugs to everyone. He was always ready to drive the teens anywhere they needed to go and saved me the trouble of finding drivers most of the time.  After his health kept him home, he spent many hours, on the phone, encouraging others and keeping up with current news. James was like a father to me after my dad passed away. He always took the time for me when I needed to talk. He was my friend and I loved him very much!

Losing these two friends so close together was challenging, but knowing where they are spending eternity helps a lot. Thank you, Father, for sharing these men with me!

Tomas Mata passed away on June 28th. He was in hospice care for a short period of time. I had the privilege of visiting with his family and praying with them.

Please remember these families as they grieve.

Those to remember in prayer:

Jack & Carolyn Stockton – she is in the Alzheimer’s unit in Crane, TX

Roy and Merita Hart – Roy is at home under hospice care.

Neal Marshall – Is now cancer free, and gaining back his strength after his treatments.

Jodi Hogan as she recovers from serious abdominal surgery.  We also add prayers of thanks on her behalf that she is doing so well.

Leonard Ruebush had a mild heart attack while he was in the hospital.  He is doing much better and is now at home.

So many amazing people have crossed our paths because of you.  Your calls, texts and emails with names of those who need what we have to offer.  That is, to be the outstretched hands, listening ears, and praying hearts we believe God has called us to be.  When you see a spray of flowers that has “Spring Creek Ministries” on the card, they are from you, too.  You are very much a part of Spring Creek Ministries and we thank each and every one of you.

Blessings & Grace,

Lonnie & Donna Hamil


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