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Ralph, Shawna’s husband, reached out to me yesterday! Ralph is one of our ministry prayer warriors! This is his message to me:
“This all started on Friday the 6th of October.
My wife Shawna wasn’t feeling quite right so she went to the Dr on Tuesday the 3rd of October.
The Dr. Called her Friday afternoon and told her everything came back looking good. Then she said she still thought something was wrong. She told Shawna to go straight to the ER and have them run a CT scan. Her and her sister went to Signature Care and they ran one. They called an ambulance and sent her to Medical Center. MCH did another CT scan and an MRI and admitted her. The oncologist told us there were three tumors on her frontal lobe. One pretty large one and two smaller ones. Monday morning October 9 she went to surgery for a biopsy and they got about 80% of it. Sent it to pathology. Results came back today. Cancer. A Glioblastoma or GBM. The most dangerous type of brain cancer. We got her out of the hospital Wednesday. We made some phone calls and got her into MD Anderson, Houston. Their prognosis wasn’t much better, but they didn’t shoot us down when we mentioned God, like Odessa had.
This is her third week of treatment. I’ll be there with her for the next two weeks. We’re coming home on the 22nd, having our Christmas on the 24th, and heading back to Houston on Christmas Day. We just ask for prayers for healing. We serve a much bigger God than our doctors think we do. He designed us and he knows every cell in our bodies better than the back of His hand. He’s still our great physician.
After the second week of treatment, the Drs told her that the tumors haven’t shrunk any, but they haven’t grown either. That’s a major praise. Please pray for her. Thank you so much. Will keep y’all posted as things progress. Shawna is still trying to process all of this. Bad part is, she doesn’t feel sick. I talked to her a few minutes ago and she said she’s starting to lose a lot of hair. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.
Yours in Christ,
Let’s start storming Heaven for Shawna, Ralph and family!

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