It is already report time again! It seems that time passes faster and faster. I can’t imagine what it will be like in another 10 years.

We received our incorporation papers for the ministry this week so now we can move forward with getting our 501(c)3 finished up. We are excited about this because we will gain some new funding opportunities that we weren’t eligible for while we were under the umbrella of another organization. With that being said, we are truly thankful for all Sixth & Jackson Church of Christ has done, and continues to do, to make our ministry a success. This dream would have never become a reality without their support in allowing us to work through their non-profit status. More to come when we have a set date for changing over to our own non-profit.

Just a couple of weeks ago my mother, Jeannette Hamil had a medical issue come up. She has dealt with plantar fasciitis for some time but as she was leaving church one evening she heard a pop in her foot. It was actually the fascia tearing loose. Excruciating pain followed. Donna and I were able to take turns going to Odessa to assist her as she was healing. She is much better now but still needs more time to heal. Thanks to all who helped during her time of need!


Maryann Brochetti, an elderly lady, from the Dallas area, was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. She will have a PET scan tomorrow and results on Friday. The doctors have said it is stage 3 or 4 based on the info so far but the test results will determine the treatment plan. Her daughters will be helping her make some very tough decisions in the near future. The family went through this just a few years ago with Maryann’s husband. Please remember this family in your prayers!

Ava Skiles continues to have a rough time with her health. I was able to visit her at the nursing home the day after she was released from the hospital. She seemed to be in good spirits but still needs our support.

Leonard Ruebush was looking good when I went by to see him. He is getting around better but needs his oxygen all the time so getting out is a lot of trouble. Steve (his son) and his daughters are living with Leonard and caring for him.

Jim Barton will be starting a new treatment for his MS. The treatments will take place in San Antonio and will require several hours a day. If you know Jim – he does not like being still for any length of time so we need to remember he and Delores in our prayers and also pray that the treatment works well for him.

Dennis Wolfe, Patti Musselman’s brother, continues to improve after complications from surgery.

Some of you will remember the Harding family! We posted a prayer request on Facebook after they were in a very bad car accident. Ginger is out of the hospital now and doing better. She also shared this information today: “Hello all, Ralph had the best day he’s had since he’s been in the hospital. They removed the epidural this morning and now he’s on a ‘mixed cocktail’ of meds, some that he controls as he needs. He walked from the chair into the hall and back twice in one turn. Hope to find out more tomorrow about future plans. Thanks for your prayers. They’re working.” –Ginger

We had also solicited prayers Sherry Dyer. She was in Dallas for surgery when it appeared she had suffered a stroke. They figured out it was Bell’s palsy and she has now been transported back to Midland and is doing better.

Last, but not least, July 22nd marked the 3rd anniversary of Marco Lomeli’s passing. This sweet, 7 year old boy lost his life to a brain tumor. His family continues to heal and have been blessed with another little boy not too long ago. They are all doing well but would still appreciate our prayers.


Sometimes people ask how we do this ministry. I have given this a lot of thought. Here are some of those thoughts:

If we didn’t, who would?

God brought us to this ministry – He will continue to carry us through!

All Christians share God’s love in one way or another – this is our special way!

Is this ministry hard? Yes it is – but everyone has a story and we have been blessed to hear these stories. Some of them have changed who I am forever. And that is a good thing!

This ministry has allowed us to share the Gospel with folks who might never have another chance to hear it.

We have been blessed far more than the people we work with!


Thank you for being a part of our lives and Spring Creek Ministries!

Until next time – “May the Lord bless and keep you! May He make His face to shine upon you!


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