Happy New Year to all of you! I pray that each of you will be greatly blessed in the coming year.



December was quite a month. I attended or participated in five funerals during the month. Along with that went many visits to hospice house and to the homes of loved ones (before & after their losses).


Time was spent making visits to shut-ins and giving encouragement to those that are challenged with the holiday season. Donna, Jacob & I had the privilege of singing Christmas songs at Lincoln Tower Assisted Living Home. Mary Jo Garner was responsible for rounding up close to thirty residents to join us. It was a great time and everyone was so appreciative. Hopefully we will be able to do more of this next Christmas season.


I had the opportunity to counsel several folks that were dealing with depression, possible job changes, and the loss of loved ones. Please be praying for these.

Note: I am going to start asking, those I visit, if I can add them to a prayer list on my monthly report. This will make it possible to put names and faces with those I am ministering to and also add another avenue of prayer for them and an opportunity for you to actively participate in Spring Creek Ministries – if you so desire.


I am still trying to find a balance between my reporting and the privacy of those being ministered to. Please be praying for me to find that balance.



We are in the process of building a website for the ministry. Plans are to use it for ministry promotion, a link to other help sites and services and a weekly updated prayer list.


In the last report, I mentioned preparation of a training seminar for those ministering to the grieving. This is still in the works and along with this we are also looking into a ministry burnout program that will help prevent and avoid some of the challenges that go along with ministering to the hurting.



A few of you have offered to make visits and take a more active role in our ministry – This is an invitation to the rest of you – If you are interested in participating, in any way, please send me an email or give me a call. We can use your help at any level you are comfortable with.




Thank you for the financial and prayer support you are giving! This ministry would not be possible without your participation and I thank God for you.


There was a bit of travel to solicit funds for the ministry. With the holidays it was hard to set up appointments – but it should be better this month. We have commitments for 70% of our financial goals for 2012. If you know of anyone who might be interested in participating in our ministry I would be grateful if you would contact me.


Blessings & Grace,


Lonnie Hamil

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