Apologies for Lack of Contact

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Dear Prayer Warriors and Ministry Partners,

My apologies for lack of contact over the last few weeks. All is well at Spring Creek Ministries. After the untimely death of my dear friend, David Watkins, I headed back to Conroe, TX to finish an electrical side job I had taken to supplement our ministry income. I have been working here, on and off, for a few weeks now. Things have been fairly quiet at the ministry and God has blessed me with a break from the ministry so I can begin to “refill my own cup”! I didn’t realize how much my friend’s last weeks and death had affected me. I miss my family, church and my friends back in Lubbock and hope to finish up soon and head back home. In the meantime I would appreciate prayers for safety, continued healing and travel mercies.

Thank you for your prayer coverage, encouragement and support of this ministry and life journey the Lord has placed us on!

Blessings & Grace,


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