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Update on Kylie:
Kylie is not enjoying her decrease of pain medication from yesterday. 💔
She has been suffering from withdrawal today.💔
Yesterday she was so happy, she was smiling during therapy and moving her mouth like she was trying to talk to momma. I can’t wait till I can finally hear her voice, laugh and even cry. 🩷
She has been throwing up a lot and very fussy. 💔
She has required some boluses of pain and sedation medication to calm her down. 💔
This morning, after I asked for them to give her a bolus to calm her down she gave me lots of smiles 🩷
The results from the ECHO yesterday came back normal. Praise God 🩷🙌🏼
Kylie is having an ultrasound today to check on the blood clot they found. Hopefully the shots she gets twice a day (lovenox) is helping.
Please pray that Kylie’s withdrawal symptoms go away and she starts to feel better. 🙏🏼
Please pray the ultrasound shows the blood clot is gone🙏🏼
Also, please pray for a donor soon. 🙏🏼🩷
Any mail for Kylie can be sent to:
Ashley Overfield
2429 Bissonnet ST
Box 117
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