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Trent Hawthorne

Trent was released from Covenant Hospital Tuesday. His insurance declined the doctor’s recommendation for PT at TrustPoint! Trent did get a good nights rest at home last night (no nurses waking him up in the middle of the night)! But he did have a bad sinus headache today. He is taking aspirin and Lipitor to prevent another clot occurrence and also doing some PT exercise that his hospital therapist showed him he could do. He will also do some out-patient therapy tomorrow. He’ll probably take some time off and cut back on his accounting work for awhile unless he gets to feeling much better. He said that he is going to try not to worry about having another stroke in the future and just try to be happy, and enjoy the present! The family is eagerly waiting to hear back about the extensive lab report which is to be done on his blood! Trent has made amazing progress and all the family is so grateful to God and for your prayers!

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