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Update from Kylie’s Mother
“After taking the past 48 hours to cry, pray, cuddle Kylie, talk with Kylie’s doctors and cry and pray some more, her dad and I have decided to accept offers from all donors. 🫁 The scary part is they have never performed a lung transplant on a baby that is not a blood match. We left our home, jobs, friends, family and even our nine year old daughter behind in Virginia to come to Texas because they are the best in the country, so we trust them. We believe in our hearts that God would not have brought us this far for nothing. Kylie has been defying odds her whole life and we believe she will continue to do that.🩷 We don’t understand what God’s plan is yet but we believe that God is going to give Kylie her miracle. So we are going to trust Him (and her doctors) and continue on this journey.🩷 We woke up this morning feeling peace about our decision and I want to thank each person from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers, texts, comments, messages, and support you all have shown us. 🩷 This journey is so difficult but yall bring us so much comfort and hope. We couldn’t do this without each of you. I feel like you all are our family and I’m so grateful. 🩷 We have been asked a lot about living donors. Y’all are so kind and generous to offer. If that was an option her dad and I would have done that at the very beginning. He is a blood match (A) and I am O-. Unfortunately, it can’t be a living donor and has to be from a donor who is under 12 months old 😢 The last 48 hours have been good for Kylie. She has not had a fever for the past 24 hours. Her heart rate and blood pressure have come down and remained stable. 🩷 She started a new breathing treatment to help get rid of the infection that has spread through out her body. Her electrolytes have been low so we started a treatment plan to help with that. Her blood gas showed her CO2 was high this morning so we will be keeping an eye on that as well. Once again, thank you all so much for the prayers and support. I know Kylie is having a better day today because of your prayers. 🩷 Please continue to pray that this infection goes away and that a donor is found soon 🙏🏼  
Any mail for Kylie can be sent to: Ashley Overfield 2429 Bissonnet ST Box 117 Houston, TX 77005″

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