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Jasper 12 01 20

Received this message from Jody, today:

“Once again friends we want to thank you for your ongoing prayers and care for us. During this last week of rest after chemo we have noticed Jasper’s arm swelling. The swelling had been pretty significant and after talking to the doctor they asked us to come in yesterday morning. They admitted Jasper so they could monitor the swelling as well as get tests done sooner. After several tests we are still waiting for a complete diagnosis of the swelling. 

Prayer needs: 
1 thankfulness that the pain has been minimal over the last few days,
2 the swelling would be diagnosed well and treatments for it would work
3 pray for Jasper’s strength, spiritual, mental, and physical 
4 pray for our hearts as we walk beside him
We are so very grateful that you read this not as a news update but a plan of action for God’s people to pray. 
We trust the King and we ask that you pray to Him on our behalf. 
Jesus is King”

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