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Doug Roberts 8 13 20

Just a quick update this week.  After the obstacles of last week, Doug has officially begun treatment today.  He and Lyn are encouraged by finally beginning this.  Earlier today he had more bloodwork, an EKG, and a consultation with the physician overseeing his clinical trial.  He was then slated to begin two immunotherapy drugs this evening, both given intravenously beginning at 6:00.  This will be followed up by a drug taken orally that is targeted therapy.  

Thank you again for your encouragement and prayers for our family.  I’m reminded of the promise given in the Old Testament that is stated again in Hebrews 13, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”  Our circumstances don’t change this Truth, our feelings don’t change this Truth, and the enemy doesn’t change this Truth.  We rest in this!
Grace and peace,

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