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This weekend, Donna and I were able to make a visit in person to Doug and Lyn. Things seem to be settling into more of a routine for them. Doug doesn’t have much of an appetite but still enjoys milkshakes and such. 

Doug will always hold a very special place in my heart. When I was in transition between working for the church and starting Spring Creek Ministries, I reached out to Doug. We met over tea and he listened to my challenges and concerns. I was looking for a church that would let me work through their non-profit status as I was getting started. Later, Doug invited me to sit down with the 6th & Jackson Church of Christ Elders to share my dream. That meeting led to a wonderful relationship and was the base for what the ministry is today. That was over 10 years ago!
I will never forget the true concern and loving way that my brother, Doug, treated me. I’m guessing that if you know Doug, he has affected your life in a positive way also!
Please continue prayers for Doug, Lyn and the family as they journey their way through cancer!
Blessings and Grace,

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