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From Amity about Cory Hipp: 
“I haven’t given an update in a while. Cory is slowly improving. His communication is where we see the more obvious changes. He initiates conversations, he still struggles but he try’s so hard. He has relearned how to call me on my phone. He called me 3 times today. It was so nice hearing him on the phone again. I missed physical therapy today, but Elizabeth was here and she gave me the report. HE MOVED HIS RIGHT FOOT!!! He moved his foot about half an inch, which is amazing,  he hasn’t moved it in 5 months. Then shrugged both shoulders. Once again his right was just enough to see it, but that is amazing as well. We are all so excited and grateful. He is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
We are so excited for these steps, can’t wait for more! Please continue to pray. Prayers of thanksgiving for the steps made over the last 5 months. Prayers of thanks that we have stayed safe at home. Prayers for continued forward steps. God has carried us so much through all this, he will continually be there and help us, no matter how physically strong we get. We couldn’t do it without God and all the wonderful people He has put in our lives. Thank you all!”

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