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From Travis Ryan McCallister about Avery:
“It’s been a whirlwind of 24 hours but night before last Will and Alex received the call they had been praying about, that they might have a liver for Avery. The liver arrived yesterday afternoon and after checking it she was given the green light went into transplant surgery last night. After about 5 hours the transplant surgery went just as planned and Avery is doing well this morning!
Update from dad: 
It went good man, she has a new liver. They have her pretty well knocked out so that she doesn’t move to much or mess with all the cords. She’ll be like that for a few days in ICU just making sure the liver is doing what it’s suppose to. But she’s doing good. Now on the slow road to recovery
Prayer Warriors – thank you and please continue praying!
For this beautiful blessing to happen, someone is dealing with tragedy as I write this post. Let’s not forget them in our prayers!”
Lonnie Hamil 

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