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Herb Lacey passed away this morning at 10:02am, in the comfort of his home, surrounded by his family.

From his son, Ken,

“Tell them that my Dad was an absolutely amazing father and friend and it was very peaceful.”

Although Ken and family are half the country away, I can attest to Ken’s statement simply through the way his children have navigated this tough situation.

Herb elected to go into palliative care, thus removing the burdensome decision from his family. Through his time in hospice, Herb’s children were able to help take care of him and enjoy their remaining time together rather than seeing the infighting that many families experience in such times. I daresay that only a family who was led by a man of honor could do such a thing.

I did not know Herb personally, but, through his son, Ken, I can say that Herb’s legacy is a strong one and he is a man that will be missed.


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