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Chase McClarney 4 26
From Kyle McClarney yesterday:
“ We need some more prayers.   It has been a hard morning.   Rea woke up with a super high blood pressure so it is beginning to look like she is going to develop postpartum eclampsia like she did last time.   The good news is we caught it early enough where some blood pressure medicine will more than likely control it.   We should be able to avoid the magnesium iv drip like last time which is some nasty stuff
After that I went in to check in on Chase only to discover he is back on lights.   He rebounded last night and no one told us.   The doctors said his jaundice score is back up at 13 and they belive his liver is not fully mature enough yet to clear his toxins.   So with some more time and lights hopefully the issue will resolve 
Its been really hard today.   We were expecting all to leave today but both mom and baby had set backs.   The good news is mom and baby are already at the hospital and can be treated immediately.”

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