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Raul Solis
Meet Raul Solis! I met Raul and Kim several years ago while on a mission trip to Toluca, Mexico. I received this forwarded text, from Kim, from a mutual friend:
“Just got off the phone with various doctors. Basically in a nutshell… it is cancer.  It is the common and more aggressive kind but at least it seems like it is contained in the tail of pancreas. Which means that he is most likely a good candidate for surgery. On Friday a group of doctors will be studying his case to determine the best treatment and then on Tuesday we have an appointment with a surgeon and then on Thursday he has another CT scan to check to make sure that there is no cancer in the surrounding organs, but everything seems to indicate that it hasn’t spread.
I was the person to make the closing prayer tonight at church so I got your text literally about two minutes before it was time for me to say my  prayer, so I read your message to everyone. 
   We all prayed that it would in fact be contained and has not spread, and that they will be able to do a good job with the surgery. Everyone here loves you guys!”
Please join me in lifting this special family up to the Lord!

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