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Glenda Roberts 11 25 20

Yesterday, I found out that this sweet lady and long time friend is fighting for her life. She is currently in ICU with severe covid pneumonia in both lungs. Glenda is the mother of Doug Roberts. We’ve been praying for Doug as he deals with advanced cancer. 

Today we received this update:

“Update from today’s conversation with the Dr.  She is about the same as yesterday from a heart and blood pressure perspective.  Her oxygen levels plummet though if she takes the mask off so she is still “pretty bad” in the doctor’s words.  For now, she will remain in ICU on 100% oxygen and they are trying to figure out how to get her nourishment – maybe a feeding tube.  Presuming she recovers, she is looking at an extended stay in the hospital (several weeks).”

Please add Glenda to you prayers and continue to pray for Doug! 

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