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Andy Anderson
I want to share an incident that happened a few weeks ago, that was life changing for me:
Donna & I had gone over to visit Andy &  Nicky Standlee Anderson. The previous time we went, we sang a couple of songs for Andy then had a prayer before leaving. This time after singing Andy asked if we could pray. Thinking he meant for me to lead, we bowed our heads and joined hands. Before I could start, Andy started praying. It was the most beautiful prayer and it was all I could do not to cry. Donna & I have been making these types of visits for almost 12 years and never has the person, we went to see, offered the prayer! He was thankful for us and so many other things but when he spoke of Heaven, you could feel the smile on his face and hear the anticipation in his voice! 
Many of you know and have known this wonderful, sweet family for a long time. I’ve only known Andy for a few short months but wish I’d had the opportunity to be friends for many years. “Thank you, Andy Anderson, for touching my life!” 
Please continue to pray for Nicki and the children as they navigate this journey!
Blessings and Grace,

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