Update on Savana Erwin

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From Alyssa:

“A lot has happened since our last update. Two weeks ago Savana had to go to the ER because she had a fever. Thankfully it was just a virus (Bronchiolitis) and she has already fully gotten over it! 
She had a check-up and labs earlier this week and I think it went pretty good. Because she has still had blood in her stool a couple times they allowed her to stop one of her blood-thinner meds to see if that helps. If it continues another scope may be in her future. She has also still been having quite a bit of leg pain some days so they also lowered her steroid dose to seeing that helps. She may have an MRI if the pain continues since there are no obvious signs as to what’s causing the pain and nothing showed up on her x-rays a few weeks ago. One doctor thinks it could be a side effect of her steroids.
The liver enzyme that was a little elevated is now back in the normal range. She lost almost half a pound in two weeks. They aren’t too worried with her not gaining much weight yet/losing weight, but hopefully she will continue to eat more foods and gain that weight back plus some.
We’ll go back for another check-up and labs on the 26th.”

Please continue prayers for this sweet family!

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