Update on Sherry Dyer

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From the Dyers’ minister:
Just wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the Dyers,

They were taken by Tac Med ambulance and Morgan ended up getting to ride with her.   They arrived and got checked in about 1:00 last night, but didn’t get much sleep since the hospital was quick to get started with blood test, etc…
They have her on antibiotics and some pain meds.   Her kidneys have not worsened and her early early stage of pneumonia has not progressed either.   The antibiotics seem to be working on the infection in her blood.    But are barely into the process so not much is known yet……not many results are in yet, hopefully they will start hearing things tomorrow.
The past 2 days have been a roller coaster ride…..but they are in the right place.   Thank you for your continued prayers

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