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“Hen’s better today. He didn’t make it 24 hours out of the hospital before he had to come back. Hopefully he’ll get to go to the apartment tomorrow. If he’s fever free.

Next message:
Still in the hospital. Hen’s stomach is killing him and the nausea has gotten bad again as well. Could be a long night. He just got some dilaudid and phenergan, pray they work quickly and are effective. Also, pray the docs can figure out what’s causing the pain and how to treat it.”

Keep up the prayers, guys! Thank you!


From Henry’s dad:
“Henry’s feeling a bit puny this morning. He didn’t sleep very well so he’s tired, but also nauseous and hungry but can’t eat. A really crappy combination. We have a couple appointments today, labs, line design change and checkup with doc. Hopefully he can get a little rest between and maybe some food. Y’all have a great day! Preciate ya!”
Please join me in storming heaven for this young man!

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