Savana Smiles!

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Savana Smiles

From Alyssa:

“Today we got Savana out of bed for the first time since surgery. She will be doing physical therapy every day to get her moving again. They started her formula via NG tube a little bit ago at a slow rate to see how she tolerates it after all the bowel reconstruction she had done Sunday. Other than that she’s still on clear liquids and they’re still adjusting meds and changing them. She had one of her abdominal drains removed today. Tomorrow we’ll meet with the Pharmacist to go over all the meds that Savana will be on- names, doses, what they’re for, what time to give them, etc. At some point before going home we’ll have to call out for her meds for a day and night so they can see if we have it down.
Overall, she’s doing really well! I decided to wait until she was looking better to share a picture, so here is one from today.” 😊

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