Prayers for Patricia R. Actin

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This from Donna Massey, a dear friend of our family:

“I received the following message from the daughter of a very dear cousin, Patty Ruth Actin, who is 85 years old.  She and I are very close, as we spent some summers together when our mothers went back to college in Alpine.  They are part of a ranch family who raise miniature horses near Washington, Texas.  Could a Prayer Request please be sent to the Prayer Warriors for Patty Ruth?  I surely would appreciate it!

Hi Donna, 

Please be in prayer for Patty Ruth. Last week diverticulitis ruptured her colon. She didn’t have any pain or didn’t complain about it & she got very septic before it was discovered. She had emergency surgery & they removed 8” of infected colon. She has a temporary colostomy which can be reversed in 3 months if she wants to do that. She developed pneumonia in her right lung after surgery so she still has a breathing tube & is under sedation for now. Her surgery wounds are healing nicely. We don’t know how much longer she will be in the ICU at St Joseph in Bryan, TX. I guess as long as she has the breathing tube in. Then she will probably go to a rehab facility until she gets her strength back. 

As soon as she is able to wake up & tube is out, I’ll let you know. Appreciate all the prayers for speedy recovery. 


Then followed by:

“Yippee, they took Mom’s vent tube out this morning. She was awake and could talk to us today. The nurse said she hadn’t had any pain meds all day but when we were there this afternoon, she conceded that she was in a bit of “discomfort” so the nurse gave her some in her IV. She had no idea why she was in the hospital so I had to tell her all about the last 2 weeks. She took it pretty well I think, it was hard to tell. They had her sitting on the side of bed this morning and standing with help to sit in a regular chair for a while. Her nurse was amazed at her progress so soon off the vent. I’m hoping she continues to rapidly improve in the coming days, getting her strength back.  Beverly”

Thank you to our faithful prayer warriors!


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