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Savana mask

From Alyssa:

“Savana is still doing really good, but she’s had 3 appointments since the last time I posted. Last Wednesday she went to a dermatologist in Dallas because she’s had a weird rash that comes and goes. The doctor just thought it was likely sub-clinical hives as a result of all the medicine she was given recently while she was in the hospital and that it should go away as time goes on. This Wednesday she had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor for her leg/knee pain. They don‘t currently have a good answer for us, but if the pain continues for a while she will need an MRI. Sometimes the pain isn’t too bad and other times she screams/cries and walks with a limp or won’t walk at all.
Yesterday (Thursday) she had her transplant clinic appointment. One of her liver enzymes was a little elevated so she has to go back for repeat labs Monday. Also, she’s had just a little bit if blood in some of her stool so we had to get a stool sample. It could still be part of the norovirus she had since before her transplant because it can shed for up to 9 months. Other than all that she’s looking great! Her next transplant clinic appointment will be in 2 weeks.”

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