Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ross Hamil here. Lonnie is currently on the road making visits, so, it is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to share some new things with you that are coming to Spring Creek Ministries. 

Before we dive in, let me give you a little background on myself. As some, if not all of you know, my brother Jacob and I help with some of the marketing for Spring Creek, as well as volunteering in some of the operations. What we have discovered about ourselves is that we are innovators and problem solvers and we are using our skills to help further the impact that Spring Creek Ministries is making. 

Something I have committed to is taking a more active role with volunteering within the ministry. With that, I am writing this blog post for all of you!

We have come up with some new ideas that will open up more opportunities for Spring Creek to minister to more people as well as making some internal shifts that will help us become more efficient so we can spend less time focusing on operating and more time on helping people.

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Network for Good

Network for Good

The first transition we’re making is shifting our donor platform. Up until recently, we’ve used a platform that took a lot of work to keep everything together. Our donations were coming in through different avenues and we had to manually keep up with all of them. Our email list and contact platform was also separate, not to mention that our direct mailing list was on yet another platform. 

To help us better manage this, we have joined and integrated with Network for Good. This puts all of our donations, email lists, and direct mailing lists all under one roof.

What does this mean for you?

I’m glad you asked! What this means is that there will be some changes. Currently, we are waiting for the Network for Good support to get all of our donor information, email lists, and mailing lists moved over to their system. 

If you receive our emails, hopefully, you won’t notice a thing except for a possible change in the format of the emails you receive.

If you are a donor, there may be a process for transitioning you over to the new platform. While we are not sure what all will be involved in this transition, we do promise to try to make it as painless as possible.

All of this should be happening within the next 6 weeks.

The Spring Creek Crew

The thing I’m most excited about is the announcement of the Spring Creek Crew. In short, the Spring Creek Crew is what we are now calling our volunteer base. 

While we have had a large base of prayer warriors, we have not implemented a way for volunteers to actively participate within the ministry. 

With the formation of the Spring Creek Crew, we are putting out a call-to-action to those of you who wish to serve within the ministry. 

If you are interested in becoming a crew member, please fill out the adjacent form and click here to read more about what the Spring Creek Crew is!

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We have a lot more in the works, but there are a lot more details for us to sort through before we make those announcements. In the meantime, we want to say that we appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing this ministry make a bigger impact with your help! 


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