More Prayers for David!

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I was able to make a trip to Midland on Sunday afternoon to see David Watkins. After his first chemo treatment his liver enzymes went extremely high. He ended up spending four days in the hospital. The tumor continues to grow and he is struggling with several issues. Monday morning Laura called me and told me she had called an ambulance to come get Dave. A couple of hours later she let me know that he was being admitted for bi-lateral pneumonia. My friend is a very sick man. David and Laura solicit our prayers and I am inviting you to join me in fulfilling that request.

Note: The picture I used in this post is of David and his dear friend Scott. We were on a kayak fishing trip on the Devils River after Dave’s first bout with cancer. It was his last trip down a river that he loved and introduced to me. I wish the picture was better but it still brought back great memories. To Dave, “Thanks for introducing me to kayak fishing and teaching me so much about bass fishing!”

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