More Blessings for the Flynn Family!

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This is the latest from Dee Flynn, John’s wife:

“Electro Physiologist came in this morning.   He is going to install a defibrillator around 1:30 this afternoon, 40 minute procedure, 1-2 hour recovery.  All this is because he has an abnormal heart rhythm.  He refers to it as J Syndrome.  Very rare.  His heart is strong, no blockage, that’s why they were so stumped.  Now they are more shocked because 95% of people who have this die, or are severely brain damaged.  He said he has never seen in 30 years of medical seen a person who has come around after only a couple days after coming out of coma and getting the ventilator taken out.  He’s still a little wobbly on his feet, but started walking down hall last night.  They anticipate it will take a few weeks to fully recover.  He has no memory of the day it happened  or what happened.  We have told him and now he can repeat what we’ve said.  He is a very fortunate man.  It wasn’t his time.  We appreciate all the prayers, calls, and visits.”

Here is John with his blanket from One Hope Church of Christ. A special thank you to the Ladies at One Hope who supply Spring Creek with these fabulous blankets!

Please keep the prayers coming!



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