Dear Spring Creek Ministry Supporters,

I pray that this report finds all of you doing well. As I mentioned in the last report – the Lord blessed us with a slower time during my hospital stay. Since then, things have continually gotten busier.  It seems that God has added opportunities as my strength has increased. With Jacob back at college I am realizing how much he helped. He has agreed to stay on part time to handle things in Lubbock. Typically when folks from our area go to Lubbock for health care it is an emergency situation. Jacob will offer assistance until I can make arrangements to get there. This should prove to be a favorable “stop gap”.

The beginning of September marked the start of Community Bible Study on Monday evenings.  The study this year is the book of John. Also, Gary Whitehead invited me to a men’s bible study luncheon on Fridays.  I was invited to speak at it and had the pleasure of leading the study a few weeks ago. These two events have already opened doors to share our ministry with others. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to speak to other churches about the importance of not letting, long term illness, members fall through the cracks.

I have also been working with my son, Ross, to make a promotional film for Spring Creek Ministries. It may be viewed here. I would like to thank all who helped make this possible by giving of their time. We were not able to use everyone that we interviewed simply because of time constraints. Hopefully we can use the rest in the next informational shoot that we do.

My health is good and I am more excited about the ministry than ever. We are approaching our one year anniversary and God has done immeasurably more that all we have asked or imagined! Since many of our contributors give annually it is time again to start making calls and raising funds. As we minister to more people the need for more funds has increased. Because of your contributions we have been able to bless some folks with Visa gift cards when they are displaced by illness. We have also been able to help furnish meals during times of loss to those without church homes.

It never ceases to amaze me how God provides people for the ministry to touch. We have not been overwhelmed but seem to get referrals as time opens up to take new people on.  We can always use volunteers to assist. If you have any time during the week to make a call, visit or sit with someone at the hospital, please contact me and I will put you on our growing volunteer list.

We now have a FaceBook page for the ministry – you can go there from this website and “like” the page and you will receive the most up to date prayer requests as we post them.

Please Remember These:

Paiton Lee Hearn – new born dealing with many health challenges

Jodi Hogan – In hospital with a spiral break to her femur

Morris Smith – final stages of cancer

Carl Denton – ongoing health problems

Jodi Conn – Bone marrow cancer and currently in ICU with Pneumonia

Boyce Langford – loss of wife Nancy and also caring for his sister with Alzheimers

The Marco Lomeli Family – adjusting to life without Marco

The Alice Fry family (Alice passed away October 1)

Carol Hill – ongoing heart problems

Kaitlyn & Kynadi Lee (3 yr old twins) ongoing developmental challenges from premature birth

Bill Elms is currently at Methodist hospital in Houston with stomach pain and nausea

Miliana Baar – 22 year old non-verbal lady with ongoing health challenges

Kaitlyn Gutierrez, 14 years old is fighting brain cancer

Bentley Hawley  – doing well with cancer treatments

Martha Farris – dealing with pain in her legs (still undiagnosed)

Kim Nolan – Long term care at Sienna Nursing home (blind & quadriplegic)

* Please pray for all of the caregivers that are involved with these folks

We thank you for your continued support and covering of prayer!

Blessings & Grace,





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