The last couple of months have been very busy! At the end of our last report we posted that the ministry was in great need of more funds. Just last week we had a fund raising dinner to help the ministry. My sister-in-law, Alicia Rigney, offered to have a small dinner, to make more people aware of what Spring Creek Ministries does. As it turned out we had forty-four people in attendance! Please pray for open hearts as people make decisions on how to help. A huge THANK YOU to Alicia and everyone who helped make this dinner a success!

Sponsors for this dinner were as follows:

Hamil Bros Studios – Lubbock, TX

Broadway Church of Christ – Lubbock, TX

Dave’s Roofing, Siding & Metal Buildings – Wolfforth, TX

Updates from our last report:

On June 4th, after a long, hard battle, with his heart, Dennis Wolfe passed away. The family appreciates all the prayers that were sent up for him and his family. Please continue prayers of healing for his sweet family!

We also requested prayers for Danny Wren. The doctors have been struggling to keep his blood pressure under control. Danny had a small heart attack a few weeks ago. He is home now, but continue to deal with ups and downs with his blood pressure.

Judy Butler passed away on June 6th. Frank is adjusting pretty well but still needs our continued prayers!

Foy Westmoreland (86), father of Tracey Horne, has been moved to a nursing facility in Colorado City. He is taking dialysis three times a week. He has congestive heart failure along with renal failure.

Layla Whitehead, Stephenville, TX, has advanced ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

B.D. Berryhill, Odessa, had a stroke on June 20th. He was taken to the hospital immediately and the medicine they administered kept damage to a minimum. B.D. was at our ministry dinner and looked great!

10 year old, Levi Vermillion, fell from a tree during a family vacation and landed on his head. He was air lifted to Tucson, AZ but the damage was too extensive. His family removed life support the next day, July 11. His organs were donated so others could benefit from this tragedy.


Austin Reynolds, 23 years old, was injured Saturday afternoon, July 23, when he dove into the trinity river in Fort Worth . He is in surgery, as I write this report, to work on his 5-6 vertebras one is displaced and the other is cracked. He has no feeling below his waist.

Austin R


Spring Creek Ministries continues to reach out to those who are sick and dying. There is so much more that needs to be done, but finances do not allow.  There may be others that do what this ministry does but we have not found them. Please pray that we will secure the dollars needed to take this ministry to it’s full potential! Please share this ministry with anyone who might be willing to be a part of our team! For those of you who support this ministry financially and prayerfully, thank you for touching lives that you might not even know! What Spring Creek Ministries does is of vital importance you are a very big part of making it happen!

Blessings & Grace,






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