Ministry Report for the Last Few Days

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Grayson Boston

Last Friday I headed toward the metroplex. My first stop was in Stephenville to meet a special man, Todd Whitehead! I had requested a meeting with Todd to learn more about dealing with those who have lost the use of their extremities. Todd has been a quadriplegic for 30 years and has the most positive attitude of anyone I know. Thank you, Todd, for sharing with me! Next I headed to Weatherford to check on Helen Lewis, a dear friend in the hospital with pneumonia. Saturday I traveled to Burleson for the memorial service of Russell Musselman. It was a very nice service. Later that afternoon it was on to Waco to check on some good friends and sponsors to our ministry. Terry, Mary Ann, Chais, Heidi Clements and their boys, Boston & Grayson (see pic).¬† ¬†This sweet family has had many challenges over the last several months. May Ann’s father, Jim Paige, passed away not long ago and her mother, Jimmie, has been very sick with the flu and complicated heart problems. Their have also been some other health challenges, in the family, that I won’t mention at this time. But, things a looking up and everyone is on the mend! I got back to Lubbock yesterday evening after a completely safe journey!

Please be praying for all of these folks and for me as there is more travel on the horizon!

Blessings & Grace,


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