I pray that this report finds all of you doing well!

I wanted to start with a few words of wisdom that I read out of “Frontline” a newsletter that is dedicated to professional caregivers.  The article was titled “Grief’s Strange Encounters”.

Some folks, after the loss of a loved one, will sense the presence of their beloved, hear their voice, feel their touch, smell their fragrances or receive a visit in a dream. Thinking that they are the only one to experience these bizarre events they keep them to themselves and privately wonder if they are losing their minds. If you have experienced this first hand or no someone who has, please rest assured that these events are normal and many others have has the same thing happen to them. While I am not qualified to explain this phenomenon I can tell you that I believe these strange encounters can be a great source of comfort, tranquility and relief. Take them for what they are, allow them to be a part of your grieving process and don’t be afraid to share them with others. You will be surprised how many people will understand because they have been in the same situation.

Since the last report we have spent much time in research looking into the possibility of starting our own non-profit organization. God blessed us with a slower time of ministry so we could work on this. After much research we have realized that it would be detrimental to our ministry to go on our own. It would add more time to record and bookkeeping and take away time from our ministering to others. If you had started making donations to Spring Creek Ministries I would request that you go back to writing your checks to Sixth & Jackson Church of Christ with Spring Creek on the memo line. Please continue to mail them to 10 Haner Ct, Odessa, TX 79762. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I want to share a very exciting turn of events for our family and potentially the ministry! As most of you know, Ross, our eldest son, has a media business. Until recently his main line of work has been wedding videos, filming and producing TV commercials and sports events. He and Jacob, our youngest, were asked to produce a short film for the Lubbock Christian University Counseling Center. When it was shown in chapel, a lady was there visiting her daughter and was very impressed. She and her husband had been looking for the right way to tell the story of their oldest daughter that had lost her battle to Cystic Fibrosis several years earlier. After much communication and a trip to Bovina, Texas the family has decided to hire Ross’s business to do a full-length feature film. This is going to be a different kind of project and possibly a wonderful mission tool to help others. Here is a link to the movie’s promotional film and donation information (click here) and I hope you will take a few minutes to view it and consider being a part by praying for it’s success and possibly contributing much needed funds. I am excited to have the film in my hands to share with others who have lost children to death and think it will be a great comfort and wonderful tool to assist in grieving.


Those to remember in prayer:


Carolyn Stockton – in the Alzheimer’s unit in Crane, TX

Roy and Merita  Hart – Roy is at home under hospice care. His hospice nurse was killed in a tragic car accident and it was difficult for Roy and Merita to lose that special relationship.

Neal Marshall – He is cancer free but the final two chemo treatments have caused serious side affects. He has experienced two bouts of Pneumonia and extreme fatigue. He has undergone gamma globulin treatment and a blood transfusion.

The Massey Family in the loss of Johnnie Neely

Jodi Hogan as she recovers from serious abdominal surgery.  We also add prayers of thanks on her behalf that she is doing so well.


May the Lord Bless and Keep you until we visit again!


Lonnie & Donna Hamil


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