Meet Monte & Becky Holmes!

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Monte Holmes

I took the following information from the Facebook page “Prayer Warriors for Monte & Becky”:

“Monte Holmes was recently diagnosed with MDS, Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are an often unrecognized, under-diagnosed rare group of bone marrow failure disorders, where the body no longer makes enough healthy, normal blood cells in the bone marrow. Join us as Prayer Warriors to lift up Monte and Becky Holmes in prayer! We will also try to update each of you”

Feel free to follow on that page if you like. I will try to keep the most current info on this page also.

Donna and I were able to visit with Becky yesterday and Monte is very sick. He has been running an excessively high temperature for several days now. The MDS is causing him to break out in horrible blood blister type sores. The greatest prayer need now, for Monte, is to be able to make an Angel Flight to Dallas today. He desperately needs to get to UT Southwestern Hospital for a bone marrow transplant.

Please join us is raising this sweet family up to the Father!

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