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Meet Chuck King!

Chuck had surgery last Tuesday to fix some intestinal issues from previous bariatric surgery.
He went home doing great on Wednesday and Thursday, then woke up in the middle of the night Thursday with uncontrollable vomiting, and trouble breathing.
He was admitted early Friday morning and they couldn’t get the stomach issues under control, and had to put him on some heavy duty breathing support.
He had a second surgery at 8 last night, they didn’t find anything that would have been causing a blockage and caused the non-stop vomiting that he’s been having.
They think he has pneumonia from being intubated/aspirating the vomit, so that was discouraging.
The moved him to surgical icu. He is still intubated this morning, and they don’t know when they will take it out, but it will be tomorrow at the earliest. So just a waiting game right now.
Some of you may know Libby Linker. She is Chuck’s daughter.
Prayer Warriors – please join me in lifting Chuck, and his family, up to the Father!
Thank you,

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