Little Savana is Having a Few Complications

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Savana Princess

Posted yesterday evening from Alyssa:

Savana’s had a bit of a rough day and a half. Last night she started having bloody diapers and her hemoglobin dropped so she had two blood transfusions last night. Her heart rate doubled over night. They stopped her NG tube feeds and she can’t eat or drink once again. Her hemoglobin was low again today and she is still having bloody diapers so she’s already had two more blood transfusions today. They will recheck hemoglobin around midnight. She really needs to be on blood thinners to prevent clots because those can be very serious, but they took her off of them today in case that is contributing to the bleeding. As of this morning, her surgeon wasn’t too concerned because of all the work she had done on her intestines. It should start clearing up, but so far it’s still been fresh blood instead of old blood. I’m not sure how many days he’ll go before he changes his mind, but if it continues she may need an endoscopy. We are trying not to worry, but as it continues it’s hard not to. Please continue to pray for Savana- for her pain, that her bleeding will stop, no endoscopy will be needed, and she can be put back on her blood thinners.

The Erwin’s still have a long road ahead so please continue prayers!

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