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From John’s wife, Dee:

“We are still amazed that he is still here with us.  We came home Tuesday evening from Lubbock.  He was ready to get out of there!  The only pain that he had was from the defibrillator installation, soreness in his left side, mostly shoulder and back.  It has since eased up.  It’s very obvious to see the weight loss.  Not a bad thing yet.  He tires much faster, which is normal until he builds up his strength.  All in all he is doing great!  We are so very grateful for all the prayers, calls, texts, visits and the meals.  He will be taking it day by day and hopefully I can keep him from not overdoing it.  As everyone who knows him would agree he’s stubborn and tough. Definitely going to use the grandchildren card if he gets out of line.    “Take it easy 🐾 PawPaw so you can pick them up and play”. Whatever works, right?!”

Please continue prayers as John heals!

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