February 5, 12

Dear Family & Friends,

Current News

I was thrilled when looking back at all we accomplished in January. As more of you become involved we are able to do more and more for the Kingdom. In all, there were over one hundred visits made to those in need last month! Exponentially we are able to cover more ground as a group than I could ever do as one person. Thanks for your involvement! We still need others to volunteer to help. All you have to do is make a visit, send a card or make a phone call once a week – it’s that simple. The blessing, it is, to those who are sick or hurting is unbelievable. We still have lots of folks who would appreciate some contact from the church so please consider joining in the work.

I was blessed to make visits to Medical Center and Odessa Regional Hospital, Emeritas at Sherwood Place, and Buena Vida nursing homes, and Parks and Lincoln Tower assisted living homes.

On January 20th Donna & I were in Lubbock to help her dad after cancer treatment. I received information that baby Charlotte Chappell had suffered a head injury and was air lifted to Methodist Children’s Hospital in Lubbock. I was able to go up and spend time with the Chappell family while in town.  (Charlotte is back home and doing well)

Carol Hill invited me to visit some friends of hers that had health challenges. Boyce & Nancy Langford were very sweet and I look forward to working with them. Thanks to Carol for assisting me in reaching out to the Langfords

Ross (my son) helped me get the prayer page set up on the website  – Click here to go to the prayer List

We are in the process of assisting three families that have members dealing with terminal illness.


Donna & I celebrated our 30th anniversary on January 23rd.

Ross’ video business is continuing to grow. He & Haley found out that the baby is a boy and due at the beginning of June. Reed continues to work on his masters in Biblical Interpretation and Julie is interviewing for a position as a music teacher. Jacob is doing well at LCU and was just recently a host for Master Follies!


Blessings & Grace until next time,

Lonnie  Hamil

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