Dear Loved Ones,

I want to begin by apologizing for the delay in sending out this report. As you know I had a lengthy stay in the hospital this month and for some time afterwards my mind was a bit fuzzy. I wrote a big portion of this report about a week ago and still cannot find where I saved it. I am thinking that computer gremlins may have eaten it! 🙂

Since the last report God has opened doors for us to minister in some very different ways than in the past. Only shortly after the last report my little friend, Marco Lomeli, took a turn for the worse. He had surgery on his brain tumor and from that point on he steadily declined in health. For two weeks I spent the majority of my time in Lubbock ministering to he and his family. I am thankful that Jacob was able to continue our work here in Odessa. It seems that God blessed us with a period of less activity so we could focus most of our strength on this one, seven-year-old, boy and his wonderful family. Marco passed away on July 22, 2012, after fighting cancer for over a year. The family honored me by asking me to speak at the graveside service. The rest of the week was work as normal.

On the following Sunday morning, at church, was when I had my TIA or mini-stroke. The next ten days were spent flat of my back.  On August 1, 2012, just before I was sent by air ambulance to Dallas, I had the privilege and opportunity to speak with Gina Kennedy about her father, Tommy Kennedy. Thankfully, they were able to get Tommy into Hospice care very soon after that. It was amazing that God continued to open doors for ministry as well as bless my life by everyone who ministered to me!

While in Dallas I was able to speak with one nurse’s assistant who had lost a son only days after birth. I was also able to pray with a nurse who had some challenges going on in her life and best of all, when my family sang to me one evening, they were asked to sing to another patient just down the hall. I remember thinking about the song by “Casting Crowns”, called “I Will Praise You Through This Storm”, and realizing that God continually uses us to His glory if we will only let Him.

I got home on August 8th and rested until Monday (as per doctor’s orders).

On Monday, Dr. O’hearn told me that I would have to take it slowly for the next month. I did not want to hear that! But, every day is better than the one before and I am feeling stronger and able to work almost full days now.

From Jacob:

It’s been a great summer interning here at Spring Creek Ministries! It’s been a wonderful blessing to be able to touch and be touched by so many lives. Though we suffered some devastating losses it was incredible to hear the amazing stories filled with love and compassion that no one had heard previous to that particular person’s death. I will never cease to be amazed on the profound impact that one person can have over the period of a lifetime. On and off, during meetings with sponsors and visiting with folks, people asked me why a college kid would want to work in a field such as this that seems so difficult to be a part of. My response is that death and the dying process do not scare me. I didn’t know why I wanted to do this at the beginning of the summer. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He had things in store for me from the beginning that didn’t become clear to me until just a few days ago.
I didn’t learn the real importance of what we do until August 29th, when dad was admitted to the hospital with stroke symptoms. In a time of fear of losing someone so close and fear of the unknown, nothing is more comforting than hugs, cards, visits, phone calls, and smiling faces. After spending three days at the hospital in Odessa and seven in Dallas, I realized the importance of making sure people are not forgotten. I cannot express to each and every one of you how much your prayers, smiling faces, cards, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, and hugs meant to me, as well as the rest of my family. I will miss working and interning here.
I look forward to what lies ahead with the appreciation of life lessons I’ve learned this summer. I know that my Heavenly Father has plans for me though they, along with their intentions, may remain unclear until after the fact. God Bless and may His face always shine upon you.


Please Remember These:

The Marco Lomeli Family

The Tommy Kennedy Family

Carol Hill – anticipating a procedure for a pacemaker

Caleb Burton (infant) recovering from Heart Surgery

Kynadi Lee (3 yrs old) has an infection in her brain

Glen Ford is recovering from cataract surgery

Bill Elms is undergoing more test to determine the source of his problems

Miliana Baar – 22 year old non-verbal lady with ongoing health challenges

Kaitlyn Gutierrez, 14 years old is fighting brain cancer

Bentley Hawley  – continuing cancer treatments

Martha Farris – ongoing back problems

Carnell Whitley – Going to MD Anderson for a check up

Donna Massey – Going to MD Anderson for a check up

* Please pray for all of the caregivers that are involved with these folks

As always – we thank you for your continued support and covering of prayer!

Blessings & Grace,


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