Kiker Kicks CancerCANCER FREE!!! Words that are music to the Kiker family! Twelve year old, Alex Kiker did exactly like the t-shirt says. #KikerKicksCancer

She came through with flying colors. What a marvelous God we have who watched over her! He placed the perfect people in the perfect places and we praise Him for His mercy and love.



In the last weeks we met a family from Port Aransas, TX. Chrysta Tricarico is a single mother who was traveling from Roswell, NM back to Port Aransas after Spring Break with her four children. Cody, 17, Casey, 15, Christopher, 8, and Chelsea, 4 years old. She had a tire blow out and her vehicle rolled. It was destroyed.

Casey was killed. Christopher sustained critical injuries. Cody was in a neck brace, but recently removed. Chelsea suffered a cracked clavicle and Chrysta crushed her left wrist. In an instant, life changed for this family. They were between Pecos and Ft. Stockton when the accident occurred. As fast as arrangements could be made Christopher was air lifted to Lubbock’s Covenant Hospital. The details of his injuries are impressive, but not nearly as impressive as his will to live and a mom wChristopher Williams 4ho is rarely away from his side.

I have been struck by how Chrysta has handled the tragedy and loss while helping Christopher fights for his life. As of April 2nd, Christopher is downgraded from Critical to Stable. He has been weaned off the sedation and is progressing nicely. He is breathing with the help of a bi-pap machine through his trach. Being off the ventilator is a huge blessing!

Please remember this family as they adjust to this situation and they all continue to heal.


The Thetford family was able to take one-year-old Carter to Cook’s Children’s Hospital for further evaluation for chronic respiratory infections. Prayers, please, for solutions and treatments for this little boy who has spent many, many days in the hospital. This visit to Cook’s is as an outpatient. Further visits are expected.

Because of your contributions and support, Spring Creek Ministries was able to financially assist the Thetfords. Sometime that is the best way we can serve. Thank you for making this possible!


Chais and Heidi Clements have two precious little boys. Boston and Grayson Boston Grayson Clements

Grayson had several episodes where he stopped breathing. After a stay at McLanes Children’s Scott and White hospital in Temple, TX, The doctors feel that it is a neurological issue. Hopefully, answers will be forthcoming soon.



The Ellis family has an 18 month old little boy, Karsen, and an infant daughter, Kinsley, that we requested prayers for at the beginning of the year. Kinsley had pneumonia at a month old and was hospitalized in Lubbock. Then Karsen caught RSV during Kinsley’s stay. Kinsley has recovered, but recent tests on Karsen

Karsen Ellis reveal he has cystic fibrosis. This can be a heartbreaking diagnosis. We ask that this family be lifted in prayer as they learn more about this illness and treatments.





Two precious people that need our prayers are Bob and Jana Barnhill. Bob has battled with ALS for several years. He has mastered the art of an electric wheelcBob Barnhillhair while continuing to work as a CPA and teaching online classes. Bob was hospitalized with breathing difficulties. They discovered a blood clot in his lung. He was treated and released. He meets challenges head on! He and Jana are a very inspiring pair. Their faith and strength demonstrate their strong hold is Jesus Christ. Let’s bring their names before the throne of God.



Amy Donegan is surprising the doctors. As we shared last month, she has a very aggressive type of lymphoma and found out she was pregnant. She and her husband, Josh, decided not to treat the lymphoma until the baby is born. The doctors are amazed how well Amy is doing! This couple and their three children need prayers for Amy, the baby, and for however God leads them through the coming months.

On March 20, 2017, a long time friend of the Hamil family passed away. Gene Terhune had a great impact on three generations of Hamils. He led singing at Sherwood Church of Christ in Odessa for…well, forever, it seemed. He taught boys, young men, older men, anyone who wanted to know how to lead singing. He bought C to C chromatic pitch pipes in bulk to give the boys that learned from him. Those were not cheap! Our boys were recipients of pitch pipes. They made good use of them, too! He and his wife, Madge, were encouragers. They were very supportive of us while Lonnie was in the youth ministry.

We were not able to go to the service, but I did have a chance to visit with Madge and let her know we couldn’t attend. Her reply was genuine and loving, “A lifetime of friendship means more to me than an hour long service.”

Wow! That had a huge impact on me. To be considered a lifetime friend is an immense honor. Thank you, Madge.

While Lonnie was in Waco visiting the Clements he received a call from Deonna Cates. Wade, Deonna, and the girls have been very special to our family for many years! Deonna was with her dad in San Antonio and he was trying to sort out how to help his wife, Deonna’s step mother. Ann Gazaway had fallen a couple of weeks ago and broken her hip. During treatment she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. She is in a very advanced stage. She told Ron that she just wanted to go home. Lonnie was able to drive over from Waco to San Antonio and visit with Ron and the girls about their options. Since then Ann has been brought home and is in Hospice care. Please pray for Ann, Ron and all of the family!

This has been a very heavy update, but, we want to impress upon you all the impact your support is having on these families and individuals through Spring Creek Ministries.

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