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Update on Henry from his dad, Lee:
“Hen had an ok night, but now the rash is wreaking havoc. Ulcers in his mouth and throat are causing severe pain and the rash has spread to areas no one should have a rash and it is excruciating. Pain meds aren’t helping much and today was the day he realized the gravity of his condition and how sick he really is and he fell apart.
The doctors increased his Marinol dose and will likely add an antidepressant as well. They’ve also increased the frequency he can have Tylenol as they wean him off the dilaudid. He can still push the button every 15 minutes they’re just reducing the steady infusion.
Pray for healing, that he will get some rest, relief from the pain and also, maybe more so, he will get some peace in his heart and his mind. He’s at the beginning of a long road and he will need all he can get as will his mom and I. Lorien is going to stay til Friday so I’m here with Coop the rest of the week. Pray we don’t both go off the rails and that I can help him with his homework. 😁
Prayer Warriors,
I implore you to continue praying for Henry as he deals with the physical and emotional challenges he is going through!
Don’t forget his parents and extended family!
Blessings and grace,
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