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From Tiffany Burk about Brynn:

“Well, things had to happen today. Guess it’s that time in our journey. I have dreaded it since we found out she had a brain tumor. I have prayed and come to grips with it and was able to have several conversations with her about it. This morning was the day. She lost 80 percent of her hair in about 24 hours. We talked and just started the process. We went on about our day and made sure she had a hat to wear for football practice tonight. About an hour in I noticed Bryer, her brother, had pulled up to see us. He had his cowboy hat on and and I just noticed he had gotten a trim, or so I thought. He walked up to Brynn and pulled his hat off. Her little eyes lit up and I just lost it. I love their bond. I love how he loves her. I love how he cares, so much, just to make her smile. Honestly, in that moment, I couldn’t of been more proud of him for loving on her when he knew she struggled for months about this day.

Y’all she’s beautiful! She has dealt better with this than we have. She will live like this for about 9 weeks. We have a wig on order and we should be getting it soon. Until then she will use hats, scarves and bonnets.

This season will pass but I grateful for these sweet memories. It’s these moments that get us through this.”

Keep up the prayers, Warriors!


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