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6 9 Jasper
From Jody:
We are heading home!
24 days since surgery with all but 2 & 1/2 of those days in the hospital. Going home with no chest tube and minimal oxygen. Jasper is obviously still managing some pain. Thank you to some wonderful nurses and doctors who took great care of Jasper even though he was INCREDIBLY SALTY-because being in the hospital just wears you down.
We cannot say thank you enough for:
1. All of the prayers.
2. We had multiple visitors throughout this stay and that does so much to improve morale!
3. Thank you to those who have checked on Gabriel. We know he’s 19 and capable but he was 16 when we started this journey and he has his own set of struggles with it. He has had to spend far too much time separated from us and that is difficult.
4. Amanda Breeden posted ways that folks can help and bless us and we are so thankful for your response. We beg that you will receive this “thank you” in lieu of a note; there is just not enough time, energy, or frankly brain power for us to write all of the notes that would be necessary. Please know that we are blessed! We have been and are still confident that God will provide and we believe He is using so many of you to do that. Thank you for being hands and feet, thank you for listening and following when the Holy Spirit calls, thank you for ministering to us as Christian brothers and sisters.
Please continue to seek God on our behalf for HEALING, pain management, a place to live in Lubbock 😬, & a job in Lubbock.
Also, we lost one of our sweet little dogs while we were in the hospital. Mr. Littles. We had him for 11 years (when he adopted us 🙂). He was a good pupper and will be greatly missed.
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