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We have been cleared to move forward towards decannulation! 🩷

The airways look great! 🫁

The next step is to do some passy muir valve trials. This will restrict airflow through her trach area and force her to breathe through her nose and mouth.🩷

If she does well with that for a couple days then they will cap it so she only breathes through her nose and mouth.

Then the next step is decannulation!🩷

If everything goes smoothly then they hope by early next week to have her trach removed! 🩷🙏🏼

They removed some tissue to biopsy and that will tell us if there is rejection. We will have those results by Friday. 🙏🏼

This is Kylie’s first time taking a pacifier in a LONG time! She has had an aversion to ANYTHING touching her mouth because she was intubated for so long. We have been working on this in therapy (to help with eating in the future)a lot and she is starting to love it.
Im so proud of her! 🩷

Thank you all so much for the prayers!

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