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Victoria was moved from emergency intensive care to another room of intensive care yesterday. She is receiving the last couple of blood infusions over the next couple of days. She has been intubated for over ten days now and doctors recommend removal at that time.  She has not reached a point where she can breathe on her own all the time, at present, so they recommend a tracheotomy to replace the intubation.  Doctors explained the process to Victoria and us.  Yesterday she agreed to the process, with encouragement of her primary doctor, who explained it is the next step in the process of her rehabilitation.  The doctor provided some encouraging comments that she is on the path of recovery, it will take some time to get there.  Thank you so much, for all the messages and comments of love and encouragement sent to Victoria. We show her pics/videos sent and read those messages to her. She is encouraged by them. Please keep her in your hearts and prayers.


Please continue prayers!


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